Visa Waiver I-192 Reference Letter
These are core suggestions which you are free to embellish/expand on. However it needn't be long. Three short and to the point paragraphs.

First Paragraph/Introduction:
Should describe your relationship to the applicant. How you met. Have you stayed connected? Why you remain friends.

Second Paragraph/About Brad:
In this part of the reference letter, give your impression of the persons good character. An assessment of their good behavior and law-abiding nature. It’s essential that you give an example of their character, if possible . Are there any examples that come to mind while working together, travel, sports, etc. You could use words like: * Honest * Conscientious * Caring * Helpful * Hardworking * Entrepreneurial * Trustworthy * Etc.

Third Paragraph/Conclusion:
At the end of the letter, you could include some kind of complimentary statement in conclusion.
For example,
* “I would not hesitate to recommend Ms. ___________.”
* “I have complete trust in Mr. ___________.”
* “I believe that Mr. ____ is a good candidate for a U.S. Visa Waiver renewal.
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